Desktop virtualization is a strategic discussion, one that has the attention and interest at the highest levels in organizations. Both IT leaders and the line of business are investigating desktop virtualization because it can benefit both desktop operations and workforce productivity. Some of the top CIO Priorities include.

  • Leverage the latest mobile device technologies, such as tablets and smartphones
  • Adapt to business change by ensuring IT can enable new branch expansion, offshoring and Mergers &Alliance initiatives, with higher security and lower costs
  • Enable new levels of mobility, security and cost-reduction by re-thinking desktop computing
  • Increase workforce flexibility by empowering users with teleworking programs

Problems with what they are doing today:

  • Requiring users to work from the office or offering limited remote access, resulted in reduced productivity and higher barriers to finding talent
  • Standardizing endpoint devices to address security and manageability concerns, causing increased end-user frustration about lack of mobility
  • Physically shipping PCs and infrastructure to offshore workers, branch offices and new M&As, forcing lengthy delays to key initiatives, resulting potential lost profits, loss of first-mover advantage, etc.
  • Investing resources in continuously updating, patching and refreshing PCs, regularly disrupting users without any perceived benefit

Key benefits of virtualization

Resource optimization
Thanks to virtualization, servers’ and desktops’ use is optimized. By running two OS on the same machine you enjoy the maximum of your desktops capacities

Energy saving
Virtualizing means consolidating! You can dramatically reduce the number of physical machines in your datacenter, during the startup phase as well as for the air-conditioning. You can save up to 30% on your energy bill compared with a classical datacenter

Easy upgrade for new features
Need to upgrade new features for users with a specific profile? With a centralized IT management, you can manage every desktop from your desk

An eco-friendly act
Green IT is one of our major concerns. Adopt our solutions and make an eco-friendly action by optimizing your desktop resources and reducing the number of your physical machines

Time saving
Desktop management is simplified! Forget about updating all your desktops once at a time, everything is centralized. You can also save time every day by reducing the time dedicated to helpdesk.