The universal Thin Client solution reduces footprint and is multipurpose in such a way that one can run two operating systems at one time. Fast and with an unmatched user experience, the devices allow you to manage your IT Systems in a total secured manner. Moreover, our devices allow you to connect to any system or applications with ICA, RDP, LPR, VNC, TN5250, TN3270, to watch video and audio stream, and to print any document.

Unmatched User Experience
Unlike traditional PCs, our Thin Client Device is compact and has an ergonomic design and the reduced size, you can fix it behind your Computer screen. Besides it is a quiet device due to a lack of mechanical components and hence reduce noticeably noise disturbances comparing to a basic PC use. Besides, you can easily plug numerous offices devices such as printers, USB flash drives, multiple screens. Furthermore, you have a hot plug features USB which recognizes instantly you USB flash drives, no need additional plug-ins or to reconnect you.

Centralized and secured IT Management
Thanks to a secured IT management software console, the client themselves can install, set up and update all desktops. This is the perfect tool to management of most user problems. There is no need to manage support at user desktops directly; you can do it remotely thanks to an encrypted access via SSH. The Devices has a light, secured and read only operating system and hence prevents from threads, malwares and viruses.

A flexible thin client with a reduced cost
Less expensive than a traditional desktop, our devices can replace a PC. And hence this avoids making significant investment. our thin client is an easy tool for firms with high levels of expectations and standards. It is a flexible thin client which fits specifics needs of firms in most verticals including construction, contracting, manufacturing, healthcare, educations etc. For instance, you can add a smart reader, a Wifi connection so these devices can become a complete desktop for all workers.


Central Print Management: Printing software that gets you rid of print driver headaches and guarantee an optimal compatibility with Citrix ICA™, VMWare and Microsoft RDP™ without interrupting their performance while the users are printing.

Load Testing: The solution allows you to simulate VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft server’s workload. This helps to test your system stability and scalability.