And as the PC era ends and the Cloud era begins, gone are the days when there was a clear separation between people’s personal lives and work. And that’s shifted us to where we are today. Our goal now is to make that a much more harmonious experience, means making transitions between work and life much more seamless.

Today’s end-to-end mobile solution, allowing customers get the highest ROI by pulling together all of the pieces that are needed to make mobility and mobile workstyles a success and we do this with leading products across all of the areas. Products that are integrated together to ensure that for customer’s that want to embrace mobile workstyles, and prefer to simplify vendors, they have a solution that truly:

  • Gives users a seamless experience with all of the apps and data they need to be productive
  • Ensures that access to all of these services is secure, even as they move across locations, networks and devices, so the business is not at risk as they embrace mobile workstyles
  • And that IT can centrally manage and provision apps and data as true cloud services, using and building upon their private cloud infrastructure, and leveraging the power of the public cloud when so desired, so that they can deliver these services to all of these diverse user scenarios that come with mobile workstyles, in a way that doesn’t make it impossible for IT to support.

The Solution Benefits

  • To help customers embrace rapid change in the workforce, in the workplace and in how services are delivered.
  • Empower people to get work done anywhere, anytime, on any device. And with that comes new levels of choice, freedom and flexibility for everyone which includes
  • Ensuring that people are empowered to work and collaborate across locations, from any device, with access to everything they need to be productive.
  • On the other side, IT must be able to centrally manage and deliver the apps and data people need, so it’s simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.
  • Gives people a seamless experience regardless of the device, location or the time at which they’re working.
  • And it provides IT with the capability to quickly provision and de-provision ALL of apps and data people need as cloud services, including traditional Windows apps and desktops, mobile apps and devices, access to web/SaaS apps, file sharing, and productivity and collaboration apps, and present them to people through a unified, enterprise app store.
  • Ensure people can access those services with the security and performance needed. It requires a universal client that connects the user to their services through a network gateway that ensures that access is secure.