We conduct training camps for IT Professionals with professors and content, additional faculty. This is an intensive hands-on boot camp, where you can learn the fundamentals of data science from data scientists.

What you will achieve at the end of the boot camp:

  • An understanding of data science, machine learning and deep learning techniques.
  • Data cleaning and pre-processing.
  • You will learn how to use the popular Python programming language for data analysis and data visualization, Python, Apache Spark, TensorFlow.
  • We'll introduce you to machine learning, AI, big data, and Apache Spark.
  • Maintenance
  • Rate, rule and form updates available within 24 hours of each ISO ERC version release

Highlights of the Data Science boot camps:

  • Run by IBM professors
  • Conducted on IBM Cognitive Class online platform on individual laptop computers
  • M class size 20 participants for IBM to send an instructor
  • Public or private camps; can be customized for an organization or company by industry (e.g. financial services)
  • Course graduates receive IBM Cognitive Class certification
  • Backed by digital certificate on IBM HyperLedger blockchain solution
  • 7-8-hour days with 40% instruction and 60% labs/practical testing